Legal procedures have become complicated with time, and it is now essential that legal advice is sought from lawyers and attorneys that have an understanding of the legal system, and the capability to help clients overcome obstacles and complications. Anderson Gray Sydney is an expert team, at least 13 years of services, HY Lawyers have an unmatched record of excellent customer service and fantastic legal advice. We offer you with the best and outstanding legal assistance.

The team of HY Lawyers is experienced in offering services in the following fields of law:

  • Compensation claims (Motor Vehicle Compensation, Workers Compensation and Superannuation and TPD Claims): They involve the legal damages’ cost paid by one entity/individual to another on a claim made by the injured person or a person who was on the receiving end of the damage.
  • Public Liability Claims: Claims that are made by the common law are placed under the general liability claims.
  • Criminal Law: These are the laws that relate to crimes and regulation of social conduct using prosecution by the government.
  • Family Law: Laws in a country that deal with marriage, divorce, child support or spousal support claims.
  • Migration Law: Laws that govern the national policies of a government, controlling immigration, deportation and citizenship policies of a country.
  • Conveyance and Property Law: Laws that govern the transfer of the legal title of real property from one person to the other as well as other legislation that govern the mortgage of property etc.

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Understanding the importance of language and good communication and advocacy skills, we have a team that offers legal services in Arabic, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Turkish, Vietnamese and in English as well. Nothing can be more damaging to a case than language barriers, and we know that quite well.

To get real advocacy and analytical services, as well as efficient representation, allow us to be of service to you. With excellent communication, analytical and research skills, our team shall satisfy your legal needs like no one else. So join our blog today and be in safe hands with our competent lawyers.